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Since 1948, Smith & Waters  has been providing top-notch transportation and logistics services from its base in Greenwood County, South Carolina. As a family-run business, our focus is on delivering comprehensive transportation and logistics solutions.

Smith & Waters operates as an asset-based transportation and logistics company, dedicated to offering first-class service to our customers. With over 70 years of industry experience, we have honed our skills to meet stringent customer requirements, earning a positive reputation among customers, suppliers, personnel, and the community.

Our mission at Smith & Waters  is to concentrate on a select group of customers, ensuring premium services and reliability. Our business model, proven effective over seven decades, enables us to prioritize being the top-rated transportation and logistics supplier for each customer. While expanding our customer base, we maintain a high volume/customer ratio, emphasizing the significance of each customer in sustaining our company and prompting us to uphold an exceptional level of service.

This approach aligns with our strategy and business model, fostering industry-specific innovation. By choosing a small group of quality customers with high service expectations, Smith & Waters  ensures strong, long-term financial stability, essential for profit growth and sustainability.

Looking ahead, Smith & Waters  is optimistic about the future. As a new generation introduces fresh ideas in logistics and technology, we plan to evolve and position ourselves where we can provide the most reliable and affordable transportation services in the industry.

With our company-owned fleet and dedicated employee drivers, we have full control over every aspect of delivering shipments on time consistently. The backbone of our success lies in our skilled and committed team of professional drivers, who are our most valued assets, contributing significantly to our growth and success.


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